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Bachelor in Paradise is thankfully over, but following the former contestants’ every move is a pastime that is only just beginning for most of us Bachelor fans. Which leads us to this week, where it feels like every single Bachelor in Paradise alum is in Paris right now. First of all, I’m going to Paris in two months, so I feel offended that they couldn’t just wait for me to be there too. We could have drank wine by the Seine! Whatever. But more importantly, why the hell are they all in the same European city? It reminds me of when five of my friends independently all go to Positano the same week. Is it just a big coincidence? How did they all decide to go to the same place at the same time? Is there a yearly summit that I’m not invited to, where influencers meet to decide on the next Instagram destination? These are the things that will keep me up at night. (Just kidding, my crippling insomnia does that all on its own!) And while I can’t answer why seemingly everyone on your feed is traveling to the same five Mediterranean cities this year, I can tell you why all the Bachelor in Paradise people are in Paris right now.

What’s Going On In Paris Right Now?

First things first, it’s currently Paris Fashion Week. Starting on Monday, September 23 and going through October 1, the City of Lights is about to be crawling with influencers and wannabe fashionistas (even more so than it is normally). Scene-wise, it’s a good time to be in Paris right now. It’s the optimal time of year to see and be seen. Weather-wise, it’s also a pretty nice time to be there—the forecast is hovering around the high 60s, low 70s (though it is supposed to rain, which sucks). The weather has absolutely nothing to do with when Paris Fashion Week is, which I’m sure is determined by the ghosts of Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld, I’m just saying that it’s an added appeal factor.

So now let’s get into who from BiP is in Paris and why the heck they are there.

Hannah G and Dylan

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jet lagged breakfast, walks in the rain, din by the eiffel tower, & now watching king kong. my kinda paris sundayyyy🕺🏽// (my outfit: @justfabonline).

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According to my extensive Instagram research, Hannah G and Dylan got to Paris two days ago. Given that Bachelor in Paradise had ended a few days before that, it makes sense that these two lovebirds would take a trip to the City of Love to celebrate their recent engagement. Hannah and Dylan have been doing typical couple-y things: taking pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower, making out in front of the Arc de Triomphe, going to that restaurant where they serve you wine in baby bottles. You know, touristy sh*t. She doesn’t appear to be there explicitly for Fashion Week, and it’s probably just a coincidence that she and Dylan are there at the same time as all these other BiP alums.


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Woke up in Paris with @amaryllis_apparel✨ #amaryllisabroad #myamaryllis

A post shared by Caelynn Miller-Keyes (@caelynnmillerkeyes) on

I first noticed Caelynn was also in Paris when she posted an Instagram of herself with the Eiffel Tower in the background (are these people aware that Paris has other landmarks?). Given that Dean probably couldn’t afford long-term parking for his van, he stayed behind for this trip. The caption of Caelynn’s Instagram clued me in that she’s there because she was sent there by Amaryllis Apparel. And when I read that, I honestly got excited. Since I’m sure nobody recalls, because this was important to exactly one (1) person on Earth, and that person is me: Amaryllis Apparel first came up on my radar when they posted about an influencer trip to Turks and Caicos, which they called an “immersive travel experience.” We then (rightfully) came at them for their glaring lack of diversity on the trip. But I’m glad to see that they are still out here hosting influencer trips, and I would like to officially throw my name in the ring for the next one. I just really think the fashion industry is severely lacking in the short-Jewish-girl-with-average-body-type representation, you know?

So anyway, that’s why Caelynn is in Paris: for a trip with Amaryllis Apparel. She’ll probably be posting a lot more photos wearing their clothes in the days to come, so get ready for that.


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Pinching myself that I’m here…Paris, Je t’aime!❣️#amaryllisabroad

A post shared by TAYSHIA ADAMS🌻 (@tayshiaaa) on

Tayshia is also in Paris with Amaryllis Apparel, and judging by the looks of it, is staying at the exact same place as Caelynn. This is a great photo, but it is a cardinal rule of Instagramming that you do not upload the exact same picture as your friend without a requisite buffer window! What is this, amateur hour?

In any case, Tayshia and Caelynn are in Paris on the same trip, for the same purpose. And just for fun, here’s the full lineup of this influencer trip:

Glad to see some diversity and size diversity this time around, although it feels a little token-y… especially considering the one plus-size attendee appears to do marketing for Amaryllis Apparel. But still, progress is progress, and it’s better and more authentic when it starts from the inside out, by hiring people from underrepresented communities. I personally would like to take credit for this improvement. You’re welcome!

Colton And Cassie

…Are not actually in Paris right now, they just wanted to troll everyone on their Instagram stories. They were actually at the Cheesecake Factory Good one, Colton!

So that’s the tea. Hannah and Dylan are there together on a nice romantic getaway, and Caelynn and Tayshia are there to ~influence~ the good people of Paris. I need to be better about checking the DMs that come into my “other” folder, because clearly that’s where my invitation is sitting!

Images: hannahg11, caelynnmillerkeyes (2), tayshiaaa, amaryllis_apparel, coltonunderwood / Instagram

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