Twitch streamer faces criticism for trying to defend racist jokes


Twitch streamer DarksydePhil, a white man whose real name is Phil Burnell, is drawing criticism for trying to defend jokes about race.

In a Twitchlive streamreposted to Reddit on Thursday, Burnell argued that it was OK for people to jokes about race and but that its not OK for him to be mocked for having gout.

Racist jokes are silly, if you do them in a general fashion, Burnell said. What I mean by that is, when you make a joke that is a racial generalization, about a race, lets say something about Italians, or the Chinese, its usually a generalization, youre not directing that towards one person.

He went on to say that those who are offended by racial humor just dont have thick skin. He argued its a difference between insulting someone personally regarding race and making a general joke about race.

Redditors were quick to criticize the streamers attempted distinction. One commenter called his thoughts hypocrisy at its finest.

Dexerto, which first reported the story, found this was not the first time that Burnell has comments of this nature.

A YouTube video uploaded in January 2017 and titled DSP Tries It Ultimate Racism & Insulting Other Countries appears to be a compilation of Burnells comments. In the video, he says,Its funny to joke around and say things that, in a serious setting, might be racially insensitive, but theyre not really meant, and therefore, they can be pretty comedic.

BurnellsTwitch channelhas not been handed a suspension from the platformfor his comments, though his words appear to be a violation of Twitchs guidelines against hateful conduct.

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