Top five hottest casino fashion trends in 2018

There are few better excuses to get dressed up to the nines than a thrill-seeking evening at the casino. Long associated with glamour and sophistication, they are as much about looking the part as perfecting that poker face, and whether you’re schmoozing with the high-rollers or simply spectating at the roulette table, knowing the etiquette and rocking the dress code will ensure your evening goes smoothly.

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History of Casino Fashion

Historically, casinos were thought of as seedy places where unscrupulous people congregated to gamble their wealth away – but the name has always suggested otherwise. The term ‘casino’ is derived from the word ‘casa’ which refers to a social gathering –

so it’s little wonder that casinos have always been associated with looking good


It is perhaps a hastily enforced notion that casinos have often provided a base for shady or delinquent folks; they have also been the location of choice for legitimate businessmen to discuss deals, or lend weary travellers opportunities and residence in America. Nonetheless, they have always – for the most part – adhered to fair and ethical dealings, providing a safe and secure haven for fair gambling.

Evolving over the years to incorporate bars, casino culture was gradually born, with such establishments quickly becoming the perfect environment not just for gambling, but also for social gatherings. Once they became known for their glitz and glamour, they soon began to attract the reckless and the stylish, and nowadays many casinos enforce strict dress-codes to ensure that their lofty standards are upheld.

For many people, the idea of a casino is based solely on the depiction seen in James Bond movies, wherein the protagonist’s sharp suits

and crisp, suave style have influenced men the world over to adopt similarly formal dress

in a bid to emulate the smooth mover himself. It’s only natural, given how the brutally spectacular style of James Bond is buoyed by the backdrop of the casinos he visits in the movies.

Casino culture has often lent and been associated with the likes of

Frank Sinatra

as well, who was one of the many shining stars that became synonymous with Las Vegas. Sinatra would often dress well – and that might well be an understatement – whenever he was called over to perform or helped himself to a game of pool.

Amidst all the glamour, it is paramount that when you enter a casino, you do so in style. Just like Bond himself, it’s all about dressing to kill – and, if you’re so inclined, to thrill.


The changing face of the casino dresscode

In the early years, casinos acted as the perfect backdrop for the rich and the famous to show off their wealth and glamour, with men in suave shirts and suits with slicked back hair, and women adorned with expensive jewellery and draped with glamorous furs.

Later, “power dressing” took hold, with all sorts of fashion trends kicking off within the casino sphere. Over-sized blazers, skin-tight attire and huge wigs began to make an appearance. By the 90s, casino dress codes had started to become a bit more lenient, which meant that the emphasis on the over-the-top fashion statements was losing its sheen. People insisted on wearing more casual, comfortable wear, with a focus on the process of gambling itself rather than a fashion face-off with the other guests.

In the modern era, many casinos have next to no dress codes, but head for the bright lights of high-rolling Monaco, and you’ll still be expected to dress the part. Suits and sharp shoes are still very much the order of the day – so don’t even think about trying to enter in flipflops and shorts.

The Top 5 Hottest Casino Fashion Trends!

Now that we’re back in 2018, it is only natural that we’d conclude this article with a list of the hottest casino fashion trends of this year. Here we go:


Dress to kill, and to thrill:

Yes, this still remains relevant to this day. The pull and influence of Bond movies is such that people to this day try to replicate the stylistic musings of 007. A crisp shirt with a suit over the top can still get the temperatures soaring in a casino.


Show off what your mama gave you!:

Although wearing revealing outfits is ill-advised at any high-end casino, there’s no harm in wearing something that shows off just enough. Something like a strapless back piece or any athleisure outfit could add a little extra spice to your gallant casino style.


Go retro!:

There is always a place for classy retro at the casino. Add some retro stripes to the mix to keep things interesting.


Embrace nude colours!:

If you are not so big on glamorous outfits, monochrome ensembles will look effortlessly stylish. Even the most casual of attires can be brought up to date with a strong statement collar or a trendy tie.


Bring out the bling!:

A designer watch or pair of diamond cufflinks can make the perfect accent to a black or grey suit, and are subtle enough to hint at status without going overboard.

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fashion outfits, fashion tips, makeup ideas, fashion trends

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