This strange ‘vagina challenge’ taking over the internet can’t be unseen

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As long as the internet exists, there will be people challenging one another to do dumb or silly things for the amusement of others. Such is the reason there is currently a trend of women filming themselves running toward their phones, nude or partially nude, and leaping onto the camera vagina first. Or, the “Vagina Challenge” as we’ll tentatively call it.

This post includes images that contain nudity.

The viral stunt started last month as the “Running Butthole Challenge,” whichmuch like the vagina challengehas male and female participants exposing their bare anuses in a similar fashion.

According to KnowYourMeme, the challenge initially went viral on June 10 when adult film star Pierce Paris tweeted a video of himself attempting the challenge. (Although the earliest example may have been a June 5 variation in which a guy punches a camera before butt-slamming it with the caption: “I dmd this girl and her boyfriend sent me this back.”)

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“It Starts Here! Porn Industry Running Butthole Challenge!” Paris wrote. “Retweet and Tag what Performer you wanna see do it next!”