The Worlds First Bee Influencer Is Trying To Raise Funds To Save Her Species

The modern world is constantly changing and these changes not only affect nature but are also cruel to many animal species. Industrial agriculture, parasites/pathogens, climate change, and many more factors cause species to face decline and sometimes even extinction. One of the species that recently raised public awareness for its decline is bees. However, while it’s important to address these problems seriously and take urgent action to help the species, it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring!

Therefore, without further ado, we introduce you to the first bee influencer called B who raises money to save bees, many of which disappear every year. The latest “Instafamous” social media star has more than 122k followers and still growing on her Instagram account. It’s actually a CGI honey-bee and the humans behind this funny account are Foundation de France (FDF), a leading philanthropy network established by the French government in an effort to save the bees. Their charity Bee Fund seeks to fund actions that will help to save the declining bee population. “In France, more than 30% of bee colonies disappear each year,” reads the Bee Fund site. “Protecting the bee is also protecting the human.”

B aims to save the world by generating ad revenue via social media and then donating everything to the Bee Fund charity. That means that the more followers they have, the easier for them it is to reach their goal. B’s Instagram is actually very similar to those glamorous Instagram influencers: pitch-perfect shots in beautiful settings, stretching morning yoga poses in nature, replying to her followers from her bathtub, showing off perfect legs, enjoying wonderful sunsets in Montmartre, etc., so it’s worth following!


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“Yo guys! So, name a thing you love.

Chocolate? I make it.

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Ice-cream? I make it. 

Coffee? Always me.

Broccoli? Me again.

Clothes? Still me. 

We are behind most of the things you use everyday! And 24% of bees are dying every year.This is bad for us, but terrible for you as well dear humans… Are you ready for a world without chocolate?”

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“Je vois la vie en rose. Maybe I should think about painting my hive in pink.”


“I love to read and reply to your comments on my posts from my bathtube! Ask me questions in the comments: I will answer to EVERYONE! (As long as water stays warm)”


“It is essential to save the planet… And the bees too! Both are threatened and trust me, it would be terrible to live without bees. Thanks a lot for demonstrating today, it was really nice to see you all and let’s keep up the fight!”


“I am so happy to work on my next partnerships and I can’t wait to share it with you!”


“I might not be in a museum, but I’m Mother Nature’s masterpiece.”


“I spend so much time in my bathroom every morning… Ladies what is your morning routine?”


“Sisters before misters!”


“Afternoon at the Sacré-Coeur! Where should I go for my next painting?”


“On my way to the Montmartre’s 2019 grape harvest festival! Did you know that without bees there would be no wine? We pollinate plants and flowers that are essential for vineyards’ health.”


“Like Britney Spears would put it… Oops I did it again! I spent the whole weekend beenge-watching my favorite TV series. Now I’m looking for new ones!”


“What a better place than your bed when it is rainy outside. Even though it’s very important for nature, I’m not very much into rain because it frizzes my hair!”


“Fighting for bees’ preservation everyday is not easy … But yoga helps me to remain zen.”


“Watering my little plants! Tips for humans: always keep flowers on your balconies, we might stop by to say hi.”


“Are you ready for the Pride, Paris?? I can’t wait to march with you.”


“When the dj says “put your hands up” and you have four.”


“Follow me to… save the bees!”


“Great game with my friends today! (Haha just kidding I went there just to take pictures for my Instagram.)”


“Power naps are great.”


“Heading into the weekend like..”


“Check out that side bee…”


“My tan lines will fade but my followers will last forever.”


“I love my #hotdoglegs. Some say hairy, I say fluffy.”


“I’m not like Pablo, but I try to do my best…”


“Trying to get a little tan before going back to work.”


“Strike a pose in front of the Palais-Royal like a real queen.”

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“Finally back home and working late today but it’s worth it.”


“If you love to eat, you have to celebrate World Food Day! My sisters and I are behind most of the food you eat everyday. Are you wondering which ones?”


“Today I visited @FondationdeFrance, together we are working on my upcoming partnerships. From this flower of their balcony, I feel more than motivated and thanks to you all, we will save the bees.”


“Bring me back there, with more sea and less heat! How are you guys facing the heat wave?”


“So guys, this happened much sooner than expected thanks to you! Thanks @Ricola_fr for inviting me at your place in Switzerland. I discovered how you grow your plants in harmony with nature in a bee-friendly way and that you are working with local family farmers who are also taking care of my Swiss sisters!”


“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.”


“Last day of vacay…”


“Sometimes you need a day off.”


“Hey guys! I’m B, and my dream is to become the most followed influencer out there. Because the more you follow me, the more money we can raise to save bees. My sisters and I are disappearing… but together we can change things!”


“I have only one flaw… (LOL) I don’t know how to swim!”

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“My favorite artists? The @BeeGees and Beethoven.”


“Swinging back into work after the weekend! The more flowers we find on our way the better for us: plant organic and pesticides free flower seeds everywhere you can and spread the love!”


“You don’t get the bee side you want by sitting on it. “


“As @badgalriri says: « Work work work work… “


“Just arrived in Mallorca for a few days of holidays. This place is even better than what I thought! Can I stay here forever?”


“My favorite food spot in Paris? Definitely the Buttes-Chaumont.”


“Flying to the fashion week with my only style, black and yellow forever. I hope that all the fashion industry will shift to a more sustainable model soon!”


“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”


“Who said saving the bees has to be boring?”


“Me on the dancefloor last night!”

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“This is me in a few years…If bees still exist by then.”

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