The Republican attack on Elizabeth Warren isn’t based in reality

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The Republican National Committee’s official Twitter account, @GOP, tried to attack the policy proposals of 2020 Democratic hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Wednesday night, with some extremely misleading information.

The account criticized Warren’s plan to fix the student debt crisis in the country, her healthcare proposals, and plan to raise the federal minimum wage by declaring that “everyday Americans can’t afford Warren’s agenda.”

“Elizabeth Warren plans to give the gov’t control of education, health care, & jobs. Her solution to pay for it: Raise taxes to cancel student debt Raise taxes to fund gov’t-run health care Raise taxes to increase min. wage Everyday Americans can’t afford Warren’s agenda,” the Republican Twitter account wrote.

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The critical tweet seems to have found many people on Twitter who don’t agree with its assessment. Many pointed out that the @GOP’s assertion that “everyday Americans” would be paying for Warren’s proposals doesn’t square with that the Massachusetts senator has said.

Warren has said raising taxes on extremely wealthy Americans could help pay for many of her proposals. She’s detailed it in extensive fashion.

Others were here for Warren’s plans presented in the @GOP tweet.