The Most Controversial Movie of the Year IsPoms (?!)

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The Daily Beasts Obsessed
Everything we cant stop loving, hating, and thinking about this week in pop culture.
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This week:

  • The wild drama behind Poms.
  • Loving the Met Gala.
  • We stan Killing Eve.
  • The saddest TV episode…ever?
  • Royal baby!

I Live For the Poms Drama

In a shockingly candid, alternately fabulous and troubling interview that published last week, Anjelica Huston explained why she only appears sporadically on film. Quite honestly, Im looking for movies that impress me in some way, that arent apologetically humble or humiliating like, Band of cheerleaders gets back together for one last hurrah, you know, she said. An old-lady cheerleader movie.

When that interview went viral, what some people didnt realize is that such a movie actually exists. It comes out this weekend! Anjelica Huston wasnt just waxing poetic on a hypothetical. She was putting on blast Diane Keaton, Jacki Weaver, Rhea Perlman, Pam Grier, Phyllis Somerville, and the cast of Poms.

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The interviews publishing date happened to coincide with the release of the movie, and that meant that the Poms cast were on a press tour, because sometimes God is good.

I just laughed, Weaver said about the Huston interview. And then I said, Well she can go fuck herself. (!!!) Perlman called out Hustons vendetta against the movie, labeling her comments cruel and mean. The Cheers star had been booked to appear on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen alongside Huston, just randomly, but the show was forced to scramble to rearrange the schedule following this Poms brouhaha.

Huston has since apologized, saying, I hope I didnt hurt anyones feelings. And if I did, I hope they come back at me.

All of this over an innocuous feel-good movie in which Diane Keaton moves to a retirement community, starts a cheerleading club, screams the word cunnilingus once, and everyone cries at the end. Youll love it on an airplane.

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This is a cast that has six Oscar and 11 Emmy nominations between them, not to mention four trophies won. Should we wish they had better material than Poms to work with? Yes. But its still a delight to see them on screen, together, having fun.

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Katy Perry as a Hamburger Won the Met Gala

My favorite thing about this years Met Gala is that, while its perhaps the most glamorous event in entertainment, its still only starting to really gain mainstream attention as a thing that people watch and care about. So I love to think about those people who are maybe finding out about the Met Gala for the first time, this extravaganza of fashion and beauty that they were promised, and then scrolling through the photos from Monday and seeing Lady Gaga crawling on the steps of the Met in her underwear and Katy Perry dressed as a chandelier.

The brilliant gag of the event is that each year, Anna Wintour declares a ridiculous theme and mandates that the celebrities she invites adhere to it, like a mischievous high-fashion dare. So bless Empress Anna for this year making the theme Camp.

If youve been on Twitter this week, youll see that perhaps the most interesting thing about camp is that no one can really explain what it is, but they sure as hell can tell you when they see something that isnt. So reports that A-listers were shaking in their stilettos at the prospect of having to adhere to a theme that celebrates gaudiness, theatrics, irony, and humor instead of classic beauty was a particular kind of privileged schadenfreude.

Maybe the most fun thing about reviews for the evening was that, perhaps in reflection of the theme, there was little nuance. Instead, just: Yep, thats camp! Or: Ew, nope, not camp. Gaga, Perry, Kacey Musgraves, Janelle Monae, Tessa Thompson, Billy Porter, Cardi B, Michael Urie, Violet Chachki: Yep…camp! Demi Moore, Karlie Kloss, Gwyneth Paltrow, nearly every straight white man: Ew, nope!

Celine Dion, explaining in an interview that she at first didnt know what camp meantshe thought Wintour was literally inviting everyone campingand leaving it unclear whether she was joking, all the while dressed in fringe-and-feather showgirl drag? Finally, a definition for camp.

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There are several cases to be made for the best camp moment from the red (actually pink) carpet, but it never occurred to me, though it delighted me endlessly, that the camp would continue inside the gala and at the after party.

So I present to you the most camp moment of the night: Katy Perry changing outfits and trying to shimmy into an actual cheeseburger costume while J. Lo struts by, paying Perry no attention and simply saying hey girl to the person filmingall taking place in a nasty-ass Met bathroom on par with the one at the good rest stop on the Jersey turnpike.

I cant embed videos in this newsletterthough please, God, go watch it hereso instead here is a photo of Celine Dion kissing Katy Perry, who is wearing the cheeseburger costume, on the lips, while copping a feel of a sesame seed as if it is a boobie.

Killing Eve Is the Best Drama on TV Right Now

For all the talk about the nonsense happening on Game of Thronesand after Sundays episode, I truly mean nonsense!I fear that we are not paying enough attention to what is, for all the viewers the HBO drama is getting, actually the best drama currently airing on TV, Killing Eve. (Sorry, Thrones fans! Thats the tea, served in a craft services coffee cup, left in the shot on a table.)

Were just over halfway through the BBC America series second season, and while GoT was angering fans, Killing Eve was airing its strongest episode of the new season yet.

We wont spoil exactly what happened, just to say that it featured, finally, a reunion between Sandra Ohs Eve and Jodie Comers whimsically psychopathic assassin Villanelle. (The entire show is about these two orbiting each other; to tease that they meet again is as much of a spoiler as saying Sheldon screws up a social interaction on The Big Bang Theory.)

Its an acting masterclass from Oh and Comer, at once terrifying and arousing and thrilling and hilarious. They cycle through so many tones and notes, dancing a tantalizing tango of who knows what information about the other person. I dont know what else to say. It was so good. Watch!

The TV Episode That Made Me Cry the Most

Let me tell you about the first time I cried while watching TV.

Twenty-five years ago this week, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air broadcast the season four episode, Papas Got a Brand New Excuse.

In the episode, Wills father, who has been absent for 14 years, comes to Bel-Air and spends quality time with Will, something hes been waiting for his entire life. Everyone warns him not to become too attached, but they also dont want to diminish any of the joy Will is experiencing. Its a sitcom, not Shakespeare; what happens next is fairly obvious. The father, who is played by Ben Vereen, abandons Will again, breaking a promise and devastating his son.

Will blusters to Uncle Phil (James Avery) that hes not broken up about it, that he doesnt care. But the peacocking eventually lays bare his real emotions: his pride in the things he has managed to accomplish without his father, and then the bitterness about that same thing. He breaks down into Uncle Phils arms: How come he dont want me, man? Uncle Phil, making explicit how strong a father figure he has become, wordlessly embraces him, tight enough for Will to know exactly how much hes worth.

Having not yet seen what is sure to be his tour de force as a husky rapping genie in Aladdin, Id say its still the best acting Will Smith has ever done. Its hokey and cheesy. Duh, its a sitcom. But he and Avery somehow tap into something explosively powerful. I was [age redacted] and burst into tears the first time I watched it. I just had to hide my face at the office because I started crying immediately while watching it again.

Theres a lot of TV that Ive watched since, and a lot of sad scenes Ive wept through. But this, to me, may be the most memorable. That it just turned 25 years old, well that just makes me want to cry even more.

Royal Baby Mania!

Its true! After much anticipation the royal offspring is here! And adorable! They are my twin nephews, born just before this Archie fellow, whoever he may be. Their precocious perfection will soon, as all have expected, be the beacon of unity our fair countries so sorely need.

What to see this week:

Detective Pikachu: It is truly wild that this exists, and even wilder that it isnt terrible.

The Hustle: Spoiler Alert: I will forever endorse any Anne Hathaway movie.

Whats My Name: Muhammad Ali: It packs a real punch. (Heh.) But really, its a great doc.

What to skip this week:

L.A.s Finest: Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba should have major star vehicles. This isnt it!

The Daily Beasts Obsessed
Everything we cant stop loving, hating, and thinking about this week in pop culture.
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