Ted Bundy and Charles Manson stans are in a bizarre Twitter feud

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Every celebrity has fans; its just the way of life. Unfortunately, that truism also extends to notorious serial killers.

While that may not be news to some, others are learning about it the hard wayand in very 2019 fashion.andTed Bundy stans areapparently fighting over which is better on Twitter. Yes, seriously.

Its unclear how much of this embittered battle is serious and how much is just internet trolls being internet trolls, but its certainly making for some absolutely bizarre tweets.

Charles Manson walked so that Ted Bundy could run bitch sit down, one tweet read, in favor of Manson. Manson was the head of the so-called Manson Family, a cult that murdered nine peopleincluding pregnant actress Sharon Tateat his behest in 1969.

Anyways Charles Manson is a flop and Ted Bundy is a whole man, another tweet read, in favor of Bundy. Bundy was a serial killer, responsible for the murder of at least30 women throughout the 70sand possibly earlier.

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