Get on one, comrade! The story of Russias post-Soviet rave scene

For a brief period in the early 90s, anything seemed possible for the pioneers of a new youth culture. But as a new film reveals, things didnt turn out quite as hoped In 1991, the Soviet Union finally crumbled under the weight of its own contradictions. As the walls came tumbling down, it looked as though a space was finally opening up for young people to express themselves after the crushing conformity of the communist years. For us it was awesome when the Soviet Union fell, because we could fool around, says artist Illya Chichkan. And thats exactly what we did. We experimented with psychedelics and psychotropics. We tried everything. Rave promoter tsky was equally optimistic: It looked like the …

Liam Gallagher: As It Was review rock’n’roll rebel grows up

The charismatic swagger remains, but this disarming portrait of the former Oasis singer reveals a newfound humility Bros raised Liam Gallagher to respond: strange days indeed. This disarming portrait of pops pre-eminent monobrow picks up where Oasiss toxic 2009 tour. As It Was follows Liam through a challenging transition period. Their familiar braggadocio is still on display within five minutes, the films subject can be heard declaring I know how great I am but the opening half-hour describes the failures of multiple projects close to the singers heart: rebound band Pretty Green, the dissolution of his Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways