Rihanna Is The Richest Female Musician In The World! Check Out The Other Top 5! – Perez Hilton

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall — who’s the richest of them all?

Oh, never mind, Forbes already did the math. Thanks anyway, Magic Mirror, you can just… quietly reflect for a bit.

Yes, the money magazine dropped its list of the richest female musicians in 2019, and a surprise dark horse has debuted on the list — and already at the top spot!

According to the outlet, Rihanna has a net worth of approximately $600 MILLION!

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Whoa! That’s a lot of green! Even for Rihanna!

The cosmetics company reportedly made $100 million in sales in just a few weeks of existence — and has only grown since then. In 2018, Fenty Beauty is estimated to have generated a whopping $570 MILLION in revenue!

What’s the secret?

By diversifying the product — including foundation in 40 different shades — she went after a much wider demographic than many other makeup companies.

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Stephanie Wissink, a research analyst at Jefferies, told Forbes:

“It challenged the standard convention that you only needed a very defined set of shades to satisfy a market. Not only did [Fenty Beauty] achieve meaningful sales, but it potentially changed the industry permanently.”

Sounds like some smart business decisions! Bitch Better Have My Money indeed!

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Add in Rihanna’s successful lingerie line, her recently announced new fashion brand, and of course continued royalties from her hit songs and payment for live gigs, and there you have it.

1. Rihanna – $600 million.

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So who else rounds out the top five richest female musicians?

According to Forbes‘ numbers, here are the others, who made way for RiRi:

2. Madonna – $570 million

3. Celine Dion – $450 million

4. Beyoncé – $400 million

5. Taylor Swift – $360 million

With Fenty Beauty in play, will any pop star ever be able to surpass RiRi??

Maybe if Beyoncé launches a competing beauty brand…

[Image via Derrick Salters/WENN/MEGA.]

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