Photography 101 Part 3

Even if you feel that you already know what kind of photography you like to do, its always a good idea to try your talent at different aspects of photography.
Pictorial, this is a general term but it applies to any photographer whos goal is simply to create beautiful photos. This breaks down into smaller subsets but the most popular form is landscape and nature photography. This is what I do and its tempting to go on and on but I will just say that this form of photography, to me, is a real art. At least that is goal to create art in photographic form. It is the goal of the photographer to use their abilities to capture an image in its moment of beauty and simplicity.
Portrait, this can be people and even animals. It also includes wedding photography as well. This is an aspect of photography that can be a lot harder than it seems. Not only do you have to know your basic photo composition but you need to understand what makes each person look their best. You must know how to bring out their personality and character in the shot. If you love working with people this may be your field. Its fun and challenging.
Photojournalism, now this isnt just press photography, though that is one aspect of it. It is also documentary photography as well, the latter doesnt always need an event to occur right in front of you. Either way the purpose is to tell a story. Really good photojournalism shouldnt need the text below it to tell you what is going on. It should be compelling and storytelling. Composition still plays a part, you cant tell a story if the story cant be seen. And while these photos can be beautiful in their technical aspects they arent necessarily beautiful images. The story telling is as important.
Abstract, probably not as common of a form of photography but Im seeing it more and more. This is usually characterized by extreme close ups of detail of something, so much so that you cant identify the original subject. But in this case that doesnt matter since the abstract detail or pattern is the subject of the photo. (Color can also be the subject as well.) Basic composition still plays a part, maybe a bigger part in this form of photography.
This weeks assignment: Four rolls of film again. Roll one, pictorial, get outside and try your best using all your abilities to capture moments of beauty and simplicity. Composition is key here. Roll two, portrait, get somebody to volunteer for you. Remember composition but really focus on finding the shots that make that person look their best. Different light, background, camera angles, or even clothes. Roll three, photojournalism, outside or inside anywhere you see stories. This can be as simple as a child playing with their toys. Find the appropriate moment to take a shot that tells the story. Roll four, abstract, details, details, and more details. Get in close, make sure that you cant identify the subject but find beauty in the color or details of the item.
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