On Instagram, Obsessed Fans Document Every Shred of Clothing Celebs Wear

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The summer before Taylor Swift released 1989, the paparazzi captured the pop sensations every waking moment in Manhattan. For Sarah Kucharski, it was a golden era.

Kucharski obsessively identifies and critiques Swifts style in real-time, and Swifts big move to New York in the summer of 2014 was the challenge shed been waiting for.

It was wild, Kucharski says. Every single day, maybe even twice a day, there would be new outfits and it was so much fun. It was so much fun.

In 2011, Kucharski started Taylor Swift Style, also known as TSSthe original Taylor Swift blog, the account claims on Instagram. Today, she still spends around 20 hours a week working on the blog and she counts Swift herself and Swifts stylist among her followers.

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Kucharski says when she started the blog in 2011, there wasnt anything like it.

At the time, celebrity fashion accounts werent really as much a thing as I think they are now, where theres kind of a closet account for every celebrity, she told The Daily Beast.

On the blog and Instagram, Kucharski identifies almost everything Swift wears anytime shes photographed: red carpet, candid shot, Instagram post, TV appearanceeverywhere. Kucharski identifies the skirts, the tops, the dress, the rings on her finger. Shes even dabbled in identifying furniture that pops up in the background of Swifts Instagram. On a good day, she can even identify Swifts clothes within an hour after a new photo pops up.

It was definitely a lot of trial and error, she says, but its gotten to a point where you are kind of able to spot brands just by sight alone just because youre in it all the time and you can just recognize her favorite brands and her go-tos.

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Eventually Kucharski found her groove, mixing in some fashion criticism to her original process. When Swift wore a romper from the Mary Katrantzou Resort 2015 collection at the 2014 VMAs, Kucharski wrote, The nicest thing I can probably say about this is her legs look great? She named the moment The Incidentan outfit her blog still references.

Kucharski might have been the first of her kind, though Selenas Closet, a style site and Instagram account for Selena Gomez, began shortly after in 2012. In recent years, this type of Instagram has blown up.

Jenna, who prefers not to disclose her last name, got into the game by helping run a dedicated style account for actress Genevieve Padalecki. Wanting to branch off on her own, she started Margot Fashion Files in 2015, right before Margot Robbie starred in Suicide Squad.

In real life, Im not a fashion person, Jenna says. I just buy whatever and wear whatever, but I do enjoy looking at the current fashion trends.

Jenna has invested a few hundred dollars into the style website. She uses an affiliate program but has only made 25 pounds, about 30 bucks, from it to date.

Jenna says its all just for the thrill of finding the matching piece.

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[Robbie] wears a lot of boutique kinds of pieces, so you might not know what shes wearing, Jenna says. I spent two years looking for a pair of boots that she worethats how dedicated I am when I focus on something.

Still, there might be money to be made. Kucharski says she makes money from her blog, but declined to give specifics.

For Airien Leight, who runs @petedavidsonsstyle on Instagram, its not about affiliate links. The 14-year-old says she started the account in May because of lack of good Pete Davidson style accounts.

I made one because I know how big of a role fashion plays in Petes personality and then Pete actually followed me when I had like 12 followers, which was insane, but then obviously a few days later, he deleted his account, Leight says. (Davidson deleted his account after posting he didnt want to be on Earth anymore.)

Lately, Instagram has been purging some of these style accounts. Kucharski didnt say why she believes her original Instagram account @tayswiftstyledotcom was disabled in May, but several style accounts have started to create backup accounts in case theirs get purged.

The account @baldwinsclosett is a backup style account for model Hailey Bieber. Its bio reads that the original account was disabled with 100,000 followers.

Still, Kucharski says she never thought about quitting the blog because its a labor of love. And even with the target of her obsession as a follower, Kucharski continues to post her opinions on Swifts fashion choicesthe good, the bad and ugly.

Kucharski says she is committed to being critically kind even when she thinks an outfit misses the mark. Just because youre a fan doesnt mean you cant express your genuine opinion in a constructive, kind, polite way.

After all, Swift might be watching.

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