Mariah Carey talks memes during Billboard speech, launches more of them

Mariah Carey was honored with the icon award at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) Wednesday night.While the singers performance made a lot of audience members feel all sorts of emotions, it was her acceptance speech that truly stole the showand won on Twitter.

One of the most decorated divas in the history of recorded music performed a medley of her hits, which included Always Be My Baby, Emotions, We Belong Together, and Hero (all of which were No. 1 on Billboards Hot 100) and A No No from her most recent album, Caution. She was the first female artist to debut at No. 1 on the Hot 100 and went on to have six No. 1 albums. She also has 15 of these awards to her name and scored 18 No. 1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100.

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    After wishing her twins in the audience a happy birthday, Carey began her speech saying, Thank you Billboard for letting me grow up on the charts with you and for this incredible honor.

    Twitter user @jaspyology was quick to call out this moment, saying Mariah let yall know she grew up on the charts. Did yall catch that?!

    The elusive chanteuse talked about how she always felt like an outsider, and how she dedicated my life to my music, my saving grace. She also gave a shoutout to her fans, who lifted me out of the depths of hell and brought me back with their devotion and love. She concluded her speech saying, And to anyone who’s ever told me that a song I wrote helped save their life, I thank you because you saved mine.

    The overall endearing and inspiring speech was punctuated with jokes and hilarious self-ribbing delivered in classic diva fashion, complete with side-eyes and fluttering hands and lashes. Without getting into all the drama, all the ups and downs of my careerweve all seen them; we all make mistakes; theres been a few , she quipped.


    Twitter user @msciang reacted, saying “Mariah referencing her own memes is the best kind of meta.”