Mac Miller’s Father Breaks Silence About ‘The Motherf**ker’ Who Sold His Son Deadly Drugs – Perez Hilton

Mac Miller‘s father is speaking out about his son’s death, while also offering some very good advice.

This past weekend at Pittsburgh’s Blue Side Park, the rapper’s father Mark McCormick spoke to a crowd at a celebration of life event for his late son on the occasion of

In comments captured on video from the event by a fan account, McCormick has sage words of wisdom about how much more dangerous drug use has become lately 

Pettit, presumed innocent, sent damning text messages in the hours after the Pittsburgh native’s death. Most notable was one to a friend that read “most likely I will die in jail,” in reference to allegedly selling the fake pills to the Self Care artist.

Pettit is currently being held without bond in Los Angeles. He is due for arraignment in October.

‘Always Loving And Kind’

McCormick didn’t just comment on Pettit at the vigil for his late son; the mourning dad also spoke highly of the rapper as a person, telling the crowd (below):

“He remained loyalest to his friends that helped him on his way. He was always loving and kind to others.”


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