Leather How do I know if it is Genuine Leather?

Tanning animal skins and hides creates leather. Leather comes from skins when smaller animals are used. The skin or hide is cleaned and tanned. So, if this is the case, why would you look for products categorized Genuine leather? This is an advertising idea that indicates the item is not made of imitation leather. The choice is genuine or imitation.

Imitation leather has properties similar to leather. The surface is embossed, colored and glossed to create this effect. The better qualities of imitation leather are created using textile substrate. If poor quality substrate is used, it can still be labeled Genuine leather. Some leather has been given a plastic lacquer or foil coating.

Really genuine leather is a natural product that is very elastic and resists abrasion. It is more durable than fabric. Leather than has not been colored exhibits changes in its surface. Scratches from curry combs and scarring will show as time goes by. This is a sign you have truly purchased genuine leather.

The quality of the leather used for leather furniture has a lot to do with the size of the animals and conditions of the animals. Animals raised in with better conditions with better care have better hides. Since leather furniture tends to be made from the hides of larger animals, cows and bulls, they provide large hides that become hardwearing leather.

Leather furniture is the result of a process that requires master craftsmen to produce. For this reason, it is costly. However, it should provide beauty and comfort for years to come. Do your due diligence when purchasing leather.