Halloween makeup ideas for last minute inspiration

Halloween makeup can be a tricky one to decide on. But fear not, we’re here to help! Our round up of the best Instagram makeup is sure to inspire you this holiday season.

Halloween makeup is something that we love to talk about at Beaut HQ. The question always arises though, gore… or glitter? But you know what though? You can do both! Who says you can’t? The wonderful thing about makeup is that it gives us freedom to create whatever we want. Halloween, in particular, is the time of year when experimenting and playing with ideas is key.

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We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Instagram makeup looks for some last minute Halloween inspiration.

Voodoo Doll

This can be as intricate or as haphazard as you like, depending on how raggedy you want your doll to be. To create a voodoo doll look, all you’d need to have in your makeup bag is some eyeliner, lipsticks and eyeshadows.

Terrifying Clown

A take on Stephen King’s clown from IT, we absolutely love the addition of the red balloons with this clever interpretation of Pennywise.


Wonder Woman

If you’re feeling more hero than villain then Wonder Woman is a great option. The only really tricky part of this is getting the star right (although you could always use a sticker for that).


Think Lord of the Rings meets the Kardashians. This is the kind of look that is easy to achieve, glam up your makeup and then finish it off with a pair of little ears.

Crystal Skull

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Add some sparkle to your creepy skull look by adding some stick-on crystals and glitter. No one will be able to take their eyes off you.

Are you feeling inspired by any of these Halloween makeup ideas?

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fashion outfits, fashion tips, makeup ideas, fashion trends

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