Fashionable Job Interview Outfits for Women

    Fashionable Job Interview Outfits for Women

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    Long gone are the days when women’s interview attire included boxy blazers, straight-leg pants, and dowdy pumps. In this day and age, the working world has welcomed a more modern look – and in many cases, dressing to impress can be key to securing the job.

    Although that’s not to say you have to be a fashionista to find a job, incorporating some modern style tips into your outfit can be a good way to update your look in a competitive job market.

    Here are some examples of fashionable interview clothing for women, including fashion tips and where to buy stylish business clothing.

  • A New Take on Blazers

    Business people networking and checking in at conference

    Hero Images / Getty Images

    If you’re tired of the same old two-button black or navy blue blazer, mix it up with something more unique. Whether it’s a chic, lapel-less blazer, a version in a bright color, or an interesting print, there’s nothing wrong with wearing an edgy jacket so long as you keep the rest of the outfit simple.

    Check out the women’s clothing retailer,


    , for modern, edgy and glamorous blazer options.

    Act the part, too:

    Before the interview,

    analyze the job

    to figure out what exactly the employer is looking for a candidate. That way, you’ll know what aspects of your own experience to emphasize.

  • Simple and Chic Can be the Best Way to Go

    You don’t need a personal stylist, or even a stylist’s eye, to put together a chic interview outfit. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best way to go. In fact, if you’re shopping on a budget, you’re much better off investing in a simple sheath dress than buying a bunch of low-quality two-piece outfits.

    Banana Republic

    sells high-quality dresses that are tasteful and classy but still style-conscious.

    Act the part, too:

    If you want to impress the employer, consider

    bringing a portfolio

    complete with your cover letter, resume, recommendations, and examples of your work.

  • Goodbye All-Black

    If you’re bored of black and blue, lighten up your closet’s color and mood. Consider a unique take on a

    business formal

    dress code, borrowing some casual elements – khakis and cardigan – but with the detailed top and black pumps, it can pass as a dressier outfit.


    is the go-to source for interesting tops and whimsical work attire.

    Act the part, too:

    Practice makes perfect, so they say. Review

    this guide to interview questions and answers

    , so you know what to expect, and how to respond to even the toughest questions.

  • Vary Colors and Styles

    An easy way to update your interview attire is to look for a basic piece with an unexpected touch. It is a good example: you might layer a mandarin-collar button-down under a sweater lapel-less blazer, then wear a subtle skirt on the bottom.

    Club Monaco

    is a good place to buy chic business basics.

    Act the part, too:

    In an interview, specifics go a lot farther than generalities. Rehearse

    a few key anecdotes

    about your past experience and prior successes.

  • Texture and Pattern

    Another way to add dimension to your interview wardrobe is to play with textures and patterns, like in the photo above. It is a good way to mix-and-match, as you can pair a variety of different top options with more basic bottoms.



    for unique blouses, blazers, and skirts.

    Act the part, too:

    Give yourself

    extra time to get to the interview

    . Although you don’t want to be excessively early, plan on arriving five to ten minutes before you’re expected.

  • Fun Yet Formal Dress

    If you want to add some spunk to your interview wardrobe, consider a dress like in the photo above. It’s a lot more fun – and a lot less stuffy – than a typical blazer and pants combination, and also a lot easier since all you need is the dress and shoes.



    for similar options.

    Act the part, too:

    You want your introduction to be just as impressive as your outfit – read about

    how to introduce yourself

    during the interview.

  • Funky Chic

    If you’re interviewing at a

    startup company

    or somewhere with a relaxed dress code, don’t feel obliged to don khaki pants and a polo shirt. It’s all right to express your personality, and as long as your outfit looks polished and neat overall, don’t be afraid to dress outside of the box.



    for hipster, ”indie” clothing similar to the example above.

    Act the part, too:

    You can use non-verbal communication to impress the interviewer, too.

    Here’s how


  • Not-So-Basic Button-Down

    If you’re a grab-and-go type of girl who doesn’t want to put too much thought into your outfit, there’s an easy solution for you: invest in a few interesting blouses, and pair them with a suit, basic slacks, or a nice pencil skirt. It is perhaps the simplest way to add some life to your work attire.

    Check out

    The Limited

    for a selection of chic, high-quality blouses.

    Act the part, too:

    So, you know what you should do in an interview – but what about what you


    do? Learn from this list of

    top interview mistakes


  • Preppy Casual

    Some types of job interviews, including non-professional positions and part-time jobs, lend to a more casual look. If you get the sense that you don’t need to dress up, though, you should still put some thought into your ensemble. Keep it classy and go for a tailored look, with pieces you might find at a store like



    Act the part, too:

    Don’t be left silent when your interviewer asks if you have any questions for her or anything to add. You should

    always have a few questions on hand

    to show your interest and enthusiasm.

  • Tailored Basics

    Another way to inject some style into your interview outfit is to play with the cut and fit of your clothing. Forget the boxy button-down and shapeless knee-length skirt; instead, try a sleek top with a tailored look and a slim-fit pencil skirt, as shown above.


    has a good selection of basic work wear with a flattering fit.

    Act the part, too:

    Your last impression is just as important as your first. Follow up with a

    thank you note

    immediately after the interview.

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fashion outfits, fashion tips, makeup ideas, fashion trends

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