Dolly Parton

This portrait of a 70’s-era Dolly Parton is the result of a 6-hour session performed on a young woman who was called in after Will had a no-call, no-show for an appointment.  The fact that we have clients who can be available in the event of a last minute cancellation is a luxury a lot of places don’t have and we at Cardinal Tattoo are happy for it!  We would like to take the time however, to educate those of you who didn’t already know about the kind of disruption this sort of thing can be in the life of your local tattoo artist.  When someone last-minute cancels or can’t make it to an appointment, that artist doesn’t get paid.  Most times, the artist has performed some form of work in preparation for the actual tattoo and when the client doesn’t show up it means they literally did all that work for nothing.


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Now, we understand that things happen:  kids get sick, tires go flat, a litany of things can go wrong in your daily life that can stop you right in your tracks, all of which are unavoidable.  However, phones get reception almost everywhere these days and when you fail to call (or answer when we call you) when you’re going to be late or not make it, it’s hard not to take it personally.  It’s with this sort of thing in mind that Cardinal Tattoo implemented our deposit policies, in order to insure that the artist could at least be paid for any prep work done prior to the tattoo application in the event their client doesn’t show up.

Ahem, but we also understand that some of ya’ll are basic bitches who want stuff you can’t afford and set appointments you have no way of keeping from a financial point of view.  It’s with this in mind that we require last minute cancellations to pay in full if or when they want to set up another appointment.  Feel free to complain all you want, it will fall on deaf ears.  If you cared about us beyond what you want us to do for you, you would have given us notice or called (or just answered the damn phone) once you knew you couldn’t make it.  Etiquette people, getcha’ some!

Oh yeah, that Dolly Parton has one more small session to go to finish up the hair.

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