Does Harry Styles dress like Gonzo from ‘The Muppet Show’? An investigation

Has Harry Styles been stealing his flashy styles all along?
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Harry Styles is nothing if not an excellent dresser. He is the prince of prints, a trailblazer in the world of floral printed mens wear. 

But has the singer actually been getting his style inspo from The Muppet Show all along?

Fans on Twitter seem to think that there are remarkable similarities between Harry Styles’ style and that of the muppet Gonzo the Great. 

Gonzo, whose trademark is a great enthusiasm for performing, does serve some pretty flashy lewks. Much like Styles, who is 24 years his junior, Gonzo favours suit and shirt combos in bold prints and colours. 

Twitter user @bedroomflicker rounded up a series of hot looks from Gonzo, who had his tv debut in 1970. All of these looks definitely have something unmistakably Styles-esque about them: the colour clashing, the play with print and texture. 

Let’s take a closer look at these debonair outfits. 

Image: @bedroomflicker, abc

Image: @bedroomflicker, abc

Image: @bedroomflicker, abc


@ayexkarennn did the work of finding the corresponding looks in Styles’ fashion history. 

You’ll notice that while colours and patters are similar, the outfits favoured by Styles are clearly brighter, fresher and more in tune with Millennial fashion tastes (the floral blazer over cream coloured shirt look screams thirst trap.)  

Let’s look at some more Harry Styles looks for comparison, shall we?

Image: WireImage

Image: Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Image: PA Images via Getty Images

These these two gentlemen clearly have more in common than magnetic stage presence. Both have the sauce and swagger demanded of the leading men of the stage, and neither are afraid to experiment with gender bending fashion. 

But honestly, Harry Styles is a millennial fashion icon, whether influenced by muppets or not. 

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