Dior Is In DEEP S**T Over Horribly Offensive Johnny Depp Native American Campaign! – Perez Hilton

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What in the world was Dior intending with this TERRIBLE ad campaign that so clearly appropriates Native American culture?!

The French luxury fashion company has come under heavy fire on social media after debuting their new campaign for their cologne Sauvage.

Hours after the company first released campaign videos on social media, they were quickly deleted after a HUGE backlash from users pointing out the obvious racist undertones and cultural appropriation problems.

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Oh, not to mention the face of the campaign is none other than Johnny Depp

The main video — and most significant part of the ad campaign in question — first popped up on Twitter on Friday morning, and though Dior has since deleted every trace of it off their own accounts, you can see some users made sure to copy and re-post (below):

The internet never forgets, indeed!

In that video (above), an unidentified indigenous man appears dancing in traditional dress in front of the sun, low in the sky.

Depp’s voice says:

“We are the land. Dior.”

Uhh… what? What do you mean “we,” kemosabe?

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Depp infamously was accused of whitewashing after taking the role of Tonto in Disney‘s spectacular failure The Lone Ranger. He had vaguely claimed before the film came out to have some part Cherokee way back, making him the Elizabeth Warren of box office bombs.

Anyway, that was the short, less embarrassing version. The full one-minute one includes Johnny playing guitar along with the dancer.

Check out that whole embarrassing thing (below):

Worse still, in their now-deleted tweet campaign, Dior had initially shared the following message (below) along with the video:

“An authentic journey deep into the Native American soul in a sacred, founding and secular territory. More to come. September 1st.”

What?! Why?! How could anyone possibly think this would be a good idea??? How did this even get greenlit in some boring company board meeting?!

The cologne has been around for over 50 years, with Depp doing ads for the past three — but never in such a perfect, problematic storm.

Considering the scent’s name is Sauvage — the French word for ‘savage’ — it’s even more shocking they would have gone for Native American imagery, considering how the word’s English counterpart has such unbelievably negative connotations in the context of American history.

As of this writing, Dior has yet to apologize or even acknowledge any sort of issue with the campaign, though we suppose completely wiping it from their social media channels is a kind of admission of guilt.

Fans came to mock them for trying to stay quiet though:

And other users pointed out the company had deleted multiple rounds of tweets after backlash swept over the social media site (below):

Meanwhile, the rest of us couldn’t figure out how a company could still be so ignorant about stuff like this (below):


Figure it out, Dior! This stuff shouldn’t be hard in 2019!!!

[Image via Dior/YouTube.]

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