Creating the Boutique Style in your Bedroom

If you love the style of a boutique or a lavish hotel
room and you want to create the same look in your
home, it is easy to do. Several things to keep in mind
are plumping up the bed, sophistication, lighting, and

The bed is the most important thing when you want to
go for the comfort and the exquisite look. You need to
remember that you need to go for the 400-thread count
or higher sheets for the bed.

Use extra pillows that are fluffy and add an extra
padding to the bed for extra comfort. The colors you
use in your room for the elegant look need to remain

Simplicity is key and it is sophisticated. You dont
need to worry about fancy designs because plain
actually looks much nicer than designs.

The windows should remain simple also. You dont need
to have a valance across the window if you dont want
to and one is not needed to achieve the look you are
trying to accomplish.

Be sure to have a sheer curtain which allows the light
to come in and a heavier curtain that matches the
bedding and the style you have chosen for the room.

These curtains should be able to pull back to allow
the light in when you want it and to keep the light
out when you prefer the dark.

If you love the elegance of a hotel suite and you want
to bring it home then you can. Remember to be simple
with the colors and go plush and fluffy. It is not
expensive to be simple and you can achieve the look
you desire for very little money.