Brian Austin Greens Ex Seemingly Blames Megan Fox For Cutting Out Son Kassius From The Family – Perez Hilton

Vanessa Marcil continues to vent about Brian Austin Green being an alleged deadbeat dad to their son Kassius — and implies who might be responsible for it.

As we reported, the General Hospital star

Replying to a follower’s supportive message, she wrote:

“Let’s hear [Green’s] side regarding why Kass hasn’t been welcome in their home for 5 years and let’s also hear about what he offered his son on one of his handful of times he’s seen him?”

In a separate reply, Marcil reiterated that she never asked for full custody of Kassius and initially had 50 percent, however, Green allegedly “has given up on his 50 percent and only sees Kass in passing and only alone without his wife and kids.

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As for what she means by “in passing,” the embattled mother explained that Kassius and his father “have been at the same wedding, same resort, and same play a few times in passing and a few 60 minute lunches,” adding:

“[Kass] has seen his dad in passing in public places including seeing him in Mexico where his dad was doing a public appearance for money at that hotel. His dad had a professional photographer there from the hotel take a pic of them. He has been completely cut out of his families lives. Seeing his dad in public sometimes with a photographer present is not being in their lives. In fact it’s even more confusing for him.”

Marcil went on to claim that Kass is “not allowed to know where [Green and Fox] live anymore,” and “isn’t invited to see them on holidays… not even Father’s Day.”

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Though she admitted the broken arrangement is “painful” for her and the teen, Marcil has remained hopeful that Green will one day “stand up for himself” and mend the situation, writing in another comment:

“It’s actually painful for us to tell the truth about Kass’ birthdad. We always loved him like a best friend in Kass’ young years and I have always believed and hoped for the best for him and that he would stand up for himself. We have to give up on him now in order for my son to heal. I believe in miracles so we will see what the future holds.”

Hmm… is she implying the Jennifer’s Body star is pulling the strings here? Who else would she want Green to “stand up” against?

Either way, we hope things improve for this estranged family.

[Image via Marcus Golejewski/Future Image/WENN]

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