5 Y.O. Girl Wears Different Princess Dresses To Each Chemo Treatment

Some of us may take clothing for granted, especially if you’re like me and have zero fashion sense. However, dressing up in what makes you feel good can go a long way not just for you, but for those around you too.

Take Lilli Durante, for example. Lilli is a 5-year-old girl from Irwin, Pennsylvania who’s suffering from optic pathway glioma, a slow growing brain tumor that affects the optic nerves. To ease the unpleasantness that is chemotherapy, little Lilli dresses up in a different gown every time she goes in for her treatment.

5 Y.O. Lilli Durante was diagnosed with optic pathway glioma & now has to go to undergo chemo

Image credits: Courtney Durante

Around a year ago, Lilli woke up one morning with her eyes crossed. Several doctors appointments later, the doctors found out that she has optic pathway glioma. If not treated, it may lead to loss of sight.

Image credits: Courtney Durante

Given today’s medicine, optic pathway glioma is very treatable. Unfortunately, there was no possibility to perform surgery given the circumstances. So, the doctors decided to prescribe chemotherapy treatments.

Despite the dire situation, Lilli decided to dress up in various princess gowns for her chemo treatments

Image credits: Courtney Durante

However, while the situation seems dire, little Lilli takes it like a champ and decides to dress up as a princess to her chemotherapy treatments. In fact, she dresses up in a different gown each time.

Image credits: Courtney Durante

So far, Lilli wore around 30 dresses, most of which were what she called “princess gowns”, but she has also dressed up as actual Disney princesses, like Belle, Ariel, and Cinderella.

She already wore around 30 different princess gowns, including Belle’s, Ariel’s, & Cinderella’s

Image credits: Courtney Durante

Lilli has been to so many chemotherapy treatments dressed in a variety of gowns that the hospital staff has started greeting her by saying “Your Majesty” whenever they meet. The best part is all of the compliments she gets every time she’s sporting a new dress.

Image credits: Courtney Durante

The 5 year old had an allergic reaction to the chemo and will need surgery to treat her crossed eyes, but the tumors around her optic nerves have subsided and the treatment is showing positive results.

Her treatment is going well & she has become an inspiration to everyone around her & beyond

Image credits: Courtney Durante

Needless to say, Lilli is an inspiration to everyone involved and beyond. She shines with positivity and happiness whenever in her princess dress, despite the seriousness of the situation. The hospital seems to light up together with her whenever she comes in for a checkup or for treatment.

Image credits: Courtney Durante

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