3 Day Easy Detox Diet for Weight Loss

Have you been trying to lose weight but can’t seem to get over that plateau?

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Do you often feel constipated or have diarrhea?

Do you often feel bloated or gassy?

Do you often need a quick caffeine fix in the afternoon to help you keep going?

Do you wake up feeling sluggish even after a good eight hours or more of sleep?

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Do you have a hard time remembering names, or things on your to-do list?

Do you have a hard time focusing on one project at a time, switching to a new one before the old one is finished?

Do you find your thoughts drift or find it difficult to concentrate?

Do you often get headaches or migraines?

Do you always get acne, rashes, dry skin or just have an overall dull skin tone?

First things first: Let’s determine if you do actually need to do a detox. If you answer yes to any of the 10 questions below, it’s time to try one!

With summer already here, there’s no doubt that the idea of a perfect beach body has crossed your mind at some point. But before you attempt a crazy fad diet, why not try a simple and easy detox juice diet (or detox cleanses) instead? If you’re only looking to lose a few pounds, a detox for weight loss might be a great solution for you. In addition, it helps motivate you to take control of your diet and gives you a fresh start for the summer season. All you need to detox is 3 days, a little discipline and some fresh ingredients in your fridge. Ready to rid your body of all those toxins you’ve built up over the winter and spring season?

How to Detox (Or Cleanse) Your Body For Weight Loss: The Simple Way

If you’ve decided a detox is for you, then it’s important that you understand the process before you get started so you can get the most out of your detox in a short amount of time

As with any new diet program, be sure to consult a doctor before you begin your detox diet especially if you’re on any medications or have an ongoing medical condition.  It’s important that you check with a professional to see if a detox is right for you and to ensure you’re not going to aggravate any underlying medical conditions. The 3 day detox diet (or detox cleanse) below was inspired by Dr. Christina Scott-Moncrieff and her book “Complete Detox Workbook”.

Starting a detox diet in the summer makes it easier for you (and your body) to get the most out of your detox. Here are some simple reasons why:

  • Our diets tend to consist of more fresh, light foods in the spring and summer months than the heavy, calorie rich foods we crave in fall and winter.

  • There are more fresh organic fruits and vegetables in season in the summer making them more available and more affordable.

  • With the hot summer weather, we tend to sweat more and are already starting to release some natural toxins through our skin.

  • With the lazy days of summer comes a more relaxed, easygoing mindset (and lifestyle)!

  • Warm weather will often lend itself to a smaller appetite (you’re more likely to want a salad in the summer than a big meal of meat and potatoes)!

  • We tend to be more active during the summer.

You’re probably wondering – what exactly will a detox do for me? Here are just a few of the benefits to starting a detox.

  • More energy

  • Better sleep

  • Less mood swings

  • Clearer thoughts

  • Less infections

  • Less bloating and stomachache issues

  • Clearer, healthier skin

  • Decrease in allergy symptoms

  • Less inflammation

If this is your first detox, go slowly – try this simple 3 Day Juice Detox Diet to get you started. Before you start, follow the simple steps below to get you started, this will help you avoid severe detox symptoms.

Throughout the detox and in the few days before, avoid: caffeine, sugar, alcohol, drugs, wheat products, processed foods, junk food and dairy.

The night before your first day of juice detox:


  • Eat a small, light meal around 6 pm.

  • Include a salad (dressed with olive oil and lemon juice) or lightly cooked vegetables, a baked sweet potato or brown rice.

  • Add some simple, fresh herbs for flavor.

  • Finish your meal with some fruit and yogurt for dessert (avoid bananas).

Detox Juice Day 1:


  • As soon as you wake up, have a glass or two of warm (not cold) water.

  • Drink a glass of fresh vegetable juice.


  • Another glass of fresh vegetable juice.

Afternoon Snack

  • Have a glass of water or if you want something different, try a ginger and cinnamon drink like this one below:

Ginger Cinnamon Drink Recipe

  • Steep a few slices of fresh ginger root in a 6-8 oz. glass of water for 10 minutes.

  • Add a small pinch of cinnamon and stir.


  • Fill your plate with vegetables, at least four different types (either in a salad or steamed).

  • Use a simple homemade dressing of olive oil, lemon or lime juice and crushed garlic.

  • For more flavor, add in a generous handful of fresh chopped herbs.

Evening Snack

  • Have another glass or two of warm water.

Detox Day 2:

  • Detox day 2 follows the same routine as day 1, with a couple of exceptions.

  • In the afternoon, add 1-2 pieces of fruit to your snack.

  • For dinner, include a portion of brown rice or quinoa. For dessert, eat one or two pieces of fruit (avoid bananas).

Detox Day 3:

  • Day 3 looks different than the first two days as it is meant to help ease you back into a normal diet routine.


  • For breakfast have two to three pieces of fruit.

  • If you find yourself quite hungry, you can have some oatmeal with yogurt or a smoothie.


  • Choose between a baked sweet potato or brown rice

  • Include a salad with homemade dressing and a handful of seeds or nuts


  • For dinner have a simple salad with homemade dressing or some lightly cooked vegetables, brown rice or quinoa and a piece of grilled fish or organic chicken.

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