25 rules of fate, which everyone should know

Who invented them is unknown. But those who have become acquainted with them agree in many respects and continue to try to stick to them.

These are not even rules, but a psychotherapeutic technique. Its task is to reassure. It’s a long process. It requires purposefulness and perseverance.

Therefore, the rules should be taken seriously and thoughtfully, and you should read them every day. If you read it once and throw it away, it’s no use. It is best to hang them in the room so that they are always in front of your eyes.

1. The beginning is empty, but it has to be filled.

2. To achieve the desired, one desire is not enough – a decision must be made. Only then will there be opportunities.

3. To change your path, you have to stop, and after that start moving in the other direction.

4. In life, you have to pay for everything. But the most expensive thing is inaction. Sometimes it only becomes apparent at the end of life’s journey.

5. If a person is always afraid to do something wrong, to make a mistake, he makes the biggest mistake in his life without even knowing it.

6. Such things are always attracted only to such things. There’s nothing accidental in life. We attract to ourselves not those people who would like to be near us, but those who are completely like us.

7. If you see that the goal is unattainable, then concentrate on other goals. Once you have achieved them, try to return to the first.

8. If life does not ask for anything, it will give nothing. If you ask for something undefined, then the gift will have the same character. You must always be clear about what you want.

9. There is no absolute pleasure in life. It is always limited by our perception of the world.

10. Do you strive for change? Then forget about passivity. It’s because of it that the chance that fate offers is missed. Set a route and a destination. But to get to it, you have to go on the road.

11. Life always makes you do the things a man avoids doing. It is impossible to hide from them, because if you do not solve a problem now, you will have to solve it at another stage of life. But you will have to pay much more for the solution.

12. There are always choices in life. Sometimes it is the lack of choice. There are many opportunities in the world. But when you acquire one, you always lose something else. That’s why losses are inevitable. But they can always be seen as a new acquisition.

13. A new one always implies the destruction of the old one. But you have to not only destroy it, but clear the place. And that requires strength, time and knowledge. Because you need to know what to build and how. If there is no such knowledge, it is better not to destroy. Otherwise, you can build something terrible.

14. A man is trying to change his life, but he is hampered by old stereotypes and habits. They’re always trying to bring him back to the way he used to spend his time. Therefore, changes are always very slow and require a lot of mental effort.

15. Each of us attracts exactly what he loves most, waits for or is afraid of, because this is what consciousness focuses on. Destiny never gives anything extra. It’s generous, but only within wishful thinking. Expand the frames and get more.

16. All life is just the opposite. Some we love and some we hate. We’re friends with someone and we’re in competition with someone. We buy and lose, we meet and we break up. A man strives for stability and at the same time feels dissatisfied with the measured course of life. It is impossible to understand something without knowing its opposite.

17. People aspire to harmony. But to achieve it, one needs harmony within oneself. It is the acceptance of one’s own virtues and imperfections, awareness of one’s imperfection and inner peace. It is necessary that the mind, actions and feelings act in harmony.

18. It is necessary to understand that the world is not created for mere pleasures. Very often it does not meet our expectations and ideas about it. But we must always strive to do good. Those who are unable to do so will never be able to appreciate the good received from others.

19. A man is always irritated in people by what sits in him. Other people can become our mirrors. All you have to do is look at them carefully. Then we can get to know ourselves better.

20. If you have a strong desire to possess something, it means that you do not recognize your abilities and virtues. Look at yourself, maybe you possess much more than you want.

21. It is very difficult to resist negative thoughts. They make you suffer, torment, worry. From this negative swarm, isolate one thought and suppress it. Then you will break the malicious chain, and it will not annoy you so much.

22. Accept yourself for who you are. Then anxiety, excitement, complexes will disappear and you can start a full life.

23. The world around us is completely neutral. We are the ones who make it bad or good. Try to take reality positively, and then it will be happy and joyful.

24. Never treat the opinion of others as truth in the last instance. You can’t be good for everyone. There are always enemies. Don’t let them take over you.

25. We all come into this world out of nowhere and go into nowhere. So maybe the meaning of our existence is life itself in all its manifestations?