13 Comfy Travel Outfits (That Are Definitely Not Pajamas)

I get the allure of

celebrity airport fashion

. There’s something romantic about emerging from the skybridge in an outfit worthy of



Michelle Obama

, or the reigning queen of traveling in style,

Victoria Beckham


But we mere mortals are — quite literally — not on the same plane.

We do not need to prepare for an assemblage of paparazzi waiting to shoot up at us from the tarmac. We just need to sit in one place for an extended period of time without experiencing incredible discomfort due to our clothing choices. Here’s how.


9 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe for Fall Travel

First, to prepare for the temperature roulette that is inherent in travel, you’ll need layers. To be a

practical packer

, you’ll need versatile pieces that you can reuse throughout your trip. And to be not miserable, please pack clothing and


you’ve already road-tested and know to be comfortable for your body and your being.

Taking notes from the travel style of not just off-duty models,


, and


, but also bloggers, social media stars, and normal, real-life people just trying to survive JFK-HAN, I realized there kind of is a general consensus.

The perfect travel outfit is actually super formulaic. You need five things:

  • A


    — one that’s soft, well-made, and loose fitting
  • A Jacket or


    — something neutral and warm
  • Fitted Pants with Stretch — look for elastane-blend


    , or tailored joggers
  • Comfortable, Stylish Shoes —

    smart sneakers

    , flats, or a low heel
  • One Signature Accessory — a little something extra to make it feel more “you”

Before you write that off and just toss on whatever, hear me out. Of course, you won’t remember what you wore on any given trip, but the comfort and confidence that come from the perfect travel outfit are meaningful. Your style can change your approach to what you do and who you are abroad.

Here, 13 outfits to make you feel like less of a


and more of a



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