10 Fashion Trends For Summer In Africa


And to complete your summer look, you need the right accessories. According to fashion designer, Mangaliso, “African fashion accessories are the next big wave. This will now see more of them become better refined, everyday lifestyle items as opposed to exotic ‘costume’ from bags to jewellery.” Just like with style concepts of African jewellery have evolved, one of the best pieces that illustrate this is the Ndebele choker. Not only does it elongate posture, but gives one a glow that makes a bold statement. Another accessory that has been embraced is the Kenyan Masai Beaded Collar Neckpiece as it has often popped up in the most interesting places. Imagine a simple black bodycon dress paired with the Masai Beaded Collar…it brings the outfit to life regardless of the occasion. Of course a sun hat is a must-have for summer. Mangaliso says not just any old hat… “Not all sunhats are created equal and the wearer often knows the difference. Hats to marvel are the way, conversation pieces that what we are looking forward to this summer.” Block heels need to be in your closet whether you’re looking to add some height to your look. Designers at SA Fashion Week incorporated the style into their collection in several ways during the shows.

Summer is always a fun and happy season to explore new ideas, but when it comes to having a panache for style, everyone has their own. It represents their own message of expression, their own fingerprints on their selection of outfits. The fashion designers we spoke to say it’s always important to set your own trends based on how you feel when you wake up in the morning, the seasons, your personality, your body type, and everything around what you do. They say this is the time for the rise of individualism and a break from being dictated by international trends.

fashion outfits, fashion tips, makeup ideas, fashion trends

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fashion outfits, fashion tips, makeup ideas, fashion trends

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