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  • 2.8

    STATUS fashion facts:

    • New York Fashion Week generates $532 million in direct visitor spending per year.

    STATUS improvements:

    • Improved the login screen

    • Optimised and Resized the Photos

    • Fixed bugs

    • Improved the speed in the app

  • 2.7.1

    STATUS fashion facts:

    • Value of the global fashion industry: 3,000 billion dollars (3 trillion dollars), 2 percent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product.

    STATUS improvements:

    • Fixed several bugs

  • 2.7

    STATUS fashion facts:

    • The spacesuits worn by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were actually created by bra maker Playtex.

    • On average, people in Manhattan spend the most on apparel per month — $362. For comparison, shoppers in Tucson, Ariz., spend the least — $131.

    • The YKK you see on most zippers? It stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, which roughly translates to the Yoshida Company Limited. YKK is the most popular zipper maker in the world.

    • The first pair of Levi’s was sold around 1853 for $6 worth of gold dust.

    STATUS improvements:

    • Automate Tagging – every time you upload a new photo we’ll show you similar product suggestions.

    • Improved the loading speed of the app

    • User profile redesign

  • 2.6

    STATUS fashion facts:

    • The high heel wasn’t invented to make the ladies look sexy; it was invented to stop men falling off their horses! History shows that the first high heels were worn by men and they were designed to keep a man’s feet in the stirrups when he was shooting at his foes with a bow and arrow. It wasn’t until much later that high heels became fashion item for women.

    • Eyeliner wasn’t very popular at all until around the 1920s. It only became popular after King Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered in 1922, which sparked a renewed interest in Ancient Egypt, and people saw images of the young king wearing eyeliner.

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    STATUS improvements:

    • Facebook login error fixed

    • Show tagged products

    • Fixed bugs

  • 2.5

    STATUS fashion facts:

    • First there were fashion dolls to model the latest fashion styles. Probably not all that handy… and so the Germans – thought of a fashion magazine at around 1586. And as you know, these magazine became quite popular over the years so “Vorsprung durch Technik”, need I say more?

    • Because nylon was needed for the production of parachutes in WWII, nylon pantyhose became unavailable. Women used drastic measures to recreate this; they would paint their legs with a water and instant gravy powder solution and draw a line down the back of their legs with eye make-up to recreate the look of stockings!

    • Shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, who is famous for his red-soled footwear, released a limited edition heel with baby blue soles so that brides would have that “something blue” on their wedding day!

    • Did you know that Cinderella’s slippers were originally made out of fur? The story was changed in the 1600s by a translator.

    STATUS improvements:

    • New Tab Bar – we redesigned the icons for the tab bar

    • Fixed the Edit Profile Bug. Now you can save what you edit without any problems

    • Facebook Share link – when you share your tagged outfit on Facebook your friends will have a link to your tagged outfit and they can see what you wear

    • Fixed bugs

  • 2.4

    STATUS fashion facts:

    • The famous Nike logo, a solid swoosh, was designed for just $35 by Carolyn Davidson, a student at Portland State University. Later on, she was given more than $640,000 worth of Nike products.

    • It is believed that denim was first invented in Genoa, Italy, as far back as the 1500s. It was made for the Italian navy to wear while on duty.

    • A €25 T-shirt would only be €1.35 more expensive if the wages of the worker making it were doubled.

    • Two thirds of all fibers used in clothing production are cotton-based.

    • The volume of water consumed by apparel production each year is currently around 79 billion cubic meters

    STATUS improvements:

    • Redesigned the Choose Brands Screen from the Wizard flow. Now you can search your favourite brands or skip to see all the items from one category

    • Added loading spinners to brands and products in the Wizard flow

    • Added new categories with graphics. For Women we added Blazers, Jumpsuit, Suits & Separates, Sweatshirts, Swimwear, T-shirts. For Men we added Bags, Knitwear and Lingerie.

    • Indexed all the fashion products from 2performant affiliate network – affiliate network focused on Romanian market. Online stores included: ANSWEAR.ro, Dyfashion.ro, dEpurtat.ro, zoot.ro, Starshiners.ro, Kalapod.ro, Bogas.ro, zonia.ro, kurtmann.ro, mycloset.ro, b-mall.ro and many more.

    • Fixed bugs

  • 2.3

    STATUS fashion facts:

    • The Fashion Industry Spends Over $500 Billion Per Year On Advertising

    • Queen Elizabeth I is responsible for the whole British hat thing.

    • In the 18th century, high heels were so much wide-spread that even children wore it.

    • The spacesuits worn by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were created by bra maker Playtex company.

    • Every new runway show mainly features 70% new models, therefore, young models walk on the runway only three seasons in average.

    STATUS improvements:

    • Experience without login – now you can see the content in the app before logging in

    • Notifications empty screen state

    • Take a Photo – Show all the albums from Library

    • Follow us on Instagram + Rate us in App Store added in the Settings screen

    • Fixed bugs

  • 2.2

    STATUS fashion facts:

    • Fashion’s supply chain employs 60 million people globally.

    • The amount of people working on everything from yarn production right through to retail is roughly equivalent to the entire population of Italy.

    • The apparel industry generates around €1.5 trillion revenue annually.

    • On average, a New York fashion show begins about 30 minutes late and lasts for about 11 minutes… that is quite short.

    STATUS improvements:

    • iPhone X design adjustments

  • 2.1

    STATUS fashion facts:

    • It was Mark Twain (yes, that Mark Twain) who actually invented and patented the bra-strap clasp.

    • The world’s longest wedding dress has a train that’s 1.85 miles long. It required approximately three miles of taffeta and 18 feet of lace to produce. Crazy.

    • The first pair of Levi’s was sold around 1853 for $6 worth of gold dust.

    • Napoleon had brass buttons sewn on the sleeves of his soldiers’ uniforms to discourage them from wiping their noses on their uniforms.

    • Ralph Lauren — real name Ralph Lifshitz — started out as a tie designer.

    STATUS improvements:

    • We fixed some bugs

    • Hashtag feed ###

    • Fb Ads

    • Barcode Scan Flow

  • 2.0

    STATUS fashion facts:

    • A person’s social rank and profession in the Medieval Ages was represented by the color of their clothing. The nobility wore red, peasants wore brown and gray, and merchants, bankers, and gentry wore green

    • Nowadays, kimonos are worn only in very formal occasions in Japan except by sumo wrestlers, who are required to wear traditional Japanese clothes when in public

    • Vintage clothing refers to clothing made between 20 and 100 years ago, and retro refers to recently made clothing that is designed to resemble the style of another period

    • Children dressed identically to adults until the mid-1800s, when the concept of children’s clothing took off

    • 10-25% of Western women don’t wear a bra, and 75-85% of women who do wear an incorrect size

    STATUS improvements:

    • We fixed some bugs

    • Improved the speed of the app

    • Added the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, All Time Top in Explore Screen

    • Added the Men/Women/Both filter in Explore Screen

  • 1.9

    STATUS fashion facts:

    • The word ‘jeans’ comes from the cotton pants worn by “Genes,” the local term for Genoan sailors

    • The average American owns 7 pairs of blue jeans

    • The first fashion magazine was published in Germany in 1586

    • The price of clothing has decreased by 8.5% since 1992, even when adjusted for inflation

    • Over a lifetime, an American woman will spend $125,000 on clothes. 3,000 items—271 pairs of shoes, 185 dresses, and 145 bags

    • We fixed some bugs

    • Added the Earnings Dashboard for influencers

    • Added the Withdraw Details for influencers

    • Double tap to like – Improved the animation when liking a photo

  • 1.8

    – Integrated Deep Links

    – Design improvements in the Edit Profile Screen

    – Improved the Edit Photo flow

    – Fixed Bugs

  • 1.7

    – Changed the direction of the app from Meet New People to a community for Fashion Enthusiasts

    – Introducing 3 new ways to tag the products you wear: Wizard, Wardrobe and Manual

    – Invited 200 fashion influencers to post their awesome outfits

    – Design improvements in the Activity Screen

  • 1.6

    – Changed the navigation from left-right to up-down

    – Changed the theme of the app from dark to light

    – Introduced Shop My Style. Now you can see what some people are wearing. If you see the shopping bag it means that you can tap there, see what they wear and if you like the products you can shop them.

    – Fixed bug on uploading a photo

    For any suggestions and feedback you can write us on denis@getstatusapp.co

    Thanks a lot for your support!

    STATUS app Team

  • 1.5

    – Facebook SDK update

    – Fixed bugs

  • 1.4

    Translated the app description into:

    • Dutch

    • French

    • Indonesian

    • Japanese

    • Portuguese (Brazil)

    • Portuguese (Portugal)

  • 1.3

    We made a complete redesign of the app and introduced the tab bar navigation.

    Now you can explore new photos, find new people and make new friends in a easier way.

    For any suggestions and feedback please write us on denis@getstatusapp.co

    Many good news are coming soon!

    Thanks a lot for your support and curiosity! Stay happy and positive!

    STATUS app Team

  • 1.2

    – we fixed several bugs

    If you have feedback please send it to denis@getstatusapp.co

    Thanks again for all your support and feedback. Stay happy and positive because we are coming with new updates soon!

  • 1.1

    [NEW] We are happy to announce that now you can invite your friends via Facebook, SMS or Email;

    [NEW] We moved our servers to AWS and things are going to move faster than ever;

    [NEW] The chat is strong and can keep up with all your conversations

    – we fixed several bugs

    If you have feedback please send it to denis@glazeon.com

    Thanks again for all your support and feedback. Stay happy and positive because we are coming with new updates soon!

  • 1.0.19

    We’ve made some small but necessary bug fixes to make the app function slightly better. We redesigned the “You saw all the photos” screen.

    We also introduced the back button for the cases in which you are navigating in the gallery of one person.

    Thanks for your support. For feedback you can contact us at denis@glazeon.com

    Stay happy and positive!

  • 1.0.14

    We are happy to announce a new and important feature: Followers.

    Now you are able to follow your favourite profiles.

    Also we included better news feeds so you can better navigate trough the app.

    Th new sections are:

    Home – here you can see photos from the people you follow

    Nearby – here you can see the profiles of people around you

    Popular – here ayou ca see the photos of the most popular and active people from STATUS. The popular algorithm is simple. First you will see the people who liked more photos than the other users.

    Recent – the most recent photos are shown here

    Thanks for all the feedback and support. There are many great news to come and together we’ll redefine how people make new,cool and interesting connections.

    Stay happy and positive!

  • 1.0.10

    Fixes for Facebook login.

  • 1.0.9

    We are extremely happy because we received lots of positive feedback for our last update and we want to thank you again for your support!

    In this new update we fixed several bugs so you can better enjoy the Get STATUS experience.

    Stay happy and positive!

    P.S.: We are committed to create the ultimate social experience and we know that we can achieve this by listening to your thoughts. If you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to send a mail to denis@glazeon.com

  • 1.0.8

    Here comes the announcement of the year for the Super Get STATUS users!

    First of all we made a complete redesign to the app. Get STATUS looks better than ever and you will feel the difference and the improvement for sure.

    Secondly we’ve introduced the User Profile.

    From now on you can add a description and a location to your profile. In this way we are committing to our mission to make our users more aware about the people around them.

    Finally we’ve added the photo captions. We know that one photo counts more than one thousand words but adding a description would let you better express your feelings and emotions. PS: Please don’t forget to add the emoticons in the captions, they look cool!

    We made other adjustments that will help you better engage with people around you and we are inviting you to discover them.

    Thanks for your feedback and support until now!

    We promise that this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey 🙂

    Stay happy and positive!

  • 1.0.7

    – NEW: Introduced Smart Notifications

    – Notifications in Settings Screen

    – iOS 8 fix layout and crashes

    – Fixed several bugs

fashion outfits, fashion tips, makeup ideas, fashion trends

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fashion outfits, fashion tips, makeup ideas, fashion trends

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